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Our focus

Our focus: quality, cost, time – Our core competencies and our services

Storage and transloading of dry goods has been our core business for more than eight decades. The majority of the potash and salt products from the K+S Group’s German mines are transloaded and stored at the "Kalikai" (may be translated as "potash dock") before being sent on to destinations all over the world. Besides potash and salt: we also handle a wide range of other dry bulk cargos. For decades, the Kalikai has been recognized by handling and shipping companies as being a particularly effective, flexible and reliable storage and transloading facility.

Alongside these core operations, we act as a wholly-owned subsidiary of K+S Aktiengesellschaft, with responsibility for freighting procedures, ensuring the smooth operation of logistical processes like bagging/packaging, transportation, transport commissioning and transloading/storage – from inland production sites to overseas receiver. We use innovative logistics systems (e.g. intermodal, ecologically and economically sustainable transport solutions) which enable us to provide a range of other made-to-measure logistics services, including freighting/freight capacity procurement, transport planning, organization and execution, loading cargo into containers and onto ships, documentation processing, dealing with customers, and delivery service quality control. In addition, we carry out daily quality control checks using a well-equipped laboratory, constant sampling and precision weighing. Quality analysis is conducted by an independent expert as required.

Collaboration, innovation, flexibility – our systems, our expertise

Our business is built on long-term collaboration with shipping companies, road haulage operators, and storage and transloading companies. This is complemented by close working relationships with port authorities, pilots and mooring teams, towage companies and ship suppliers, as well as the relevant associations and political bodies.

Constant monitoring of quality and costs, creative ways of optimizing systems, and innovative ideas in the creation of logistics concepts make our integrated network possible:

  • A flexible attitude to the provision of services and fulfilling customer requirements;
  • Securing freight capacity and service quality suitable for a customer’s needs, in the context of increasing volatility in sales and transport markets;
  • Competitiveness in the critical factors that determine success: quality, cost, time;
  • An eye for detail and diplomacy, excellent local knowledge and vast experience in the mission-critical elements of a logistics chain.

Because we are part of the powerful K+S Group, we as bulk goods logistics providers have strong foundations and the necessary know-how to be able to provide our customers with top quality logistics solutions that stand out in the world market.