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K+S Transport GmbH


Services and Timetable


Hamburg seaport (import/export)

  • Hamburg – Philippsthal (Werra)
    3x per week in each direction

Bremerhaven seaport (import/export)

  • Bremerhaven – Philippsthal (Werra)
    3x per week in each direction

Our service covers the following port terminals:

Hamburg: CTA, CTB/Burchardkai, Eurogate/Eurokombi/Medrepair, CTT/TCT, Remain, HCCR, HCS, SWT/Schuppen 62, BHT/Schuppen 80/81, Unikai/Schuppen 48

Bremerhaven: CT1, CT2, CT4/NTB

Just get in touch with us and we will provide the suitable train departure for your transport needs.

Road post-carriage

As a result of the co-operation with our partner Truck & Rail GmbH, a dependable inland pre- and post-carriage service can be offered. On request we can also arrange tipper trailers, including vertical tipping.


At the terminal Philippsthal we offer seven days free storage, and provide separate storage deposit provisions at any time. If you have any special requirements, just get in touch.

Container Service

We offer a wide range of container-related services, including repairs, cleaning, odor neutralization and container checks, along with loading and unloading.