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Börde Container Feeder

Börde Container Feeder (BCF) is an inland shipping line formed in 2002 as a joint venture between three companies: Umschlags- und Handelsgesellschaft Haldensleben mbH (UHH), Walter Lauk Containerspedition GmbH (Walter Lauk) and K+S. The focus of the BCF is container transport between seaports and inland. As well as inland shipping services, it provides transloading and road-based pre- and post-carriage. Furthermore, it offers ancillary services like container loading and unloading, storage, goods distribution and arranging customs clearance.

In addition to the company’s own ships (two inland waterways ships and a push barge), further inland ships are chartered as required. The shipping lines operate at regular intervals between the seaports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven and the inland ports of Haldensleben, Fallersleben, Magdeburg and Hannover.

A synergy effect is achieved by combining the specific strengths of the three companies that ensures high quality standards and high flexibility.

Furthermore, the collaborative joint venture not only provides economical transportation through multimodal transport: it also helps to reduce road traffic and thereby supports financial and ecological sustainability in an equal measure.

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