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Container Forwarding

As K+S’ internal logistics provider, the Container Forwarding section is responsible for the handling (booking in, scheduling, documentation/documentation management) of all shipments from the K+S Group’s European sites destined for the global market. The Container Forwarding section thereby links the K+S Group and its end customers in a logistics matter.

The shipment processing service, provided by the Container Forwarding section, includes all the planning/organization, processing, supervision and checks that take place between the production site and the destination port. This task contains the organization of the entire transport chain: collection from site, the main shipping stage, and delivery to the end address.

The Container Forwarding section handles approximately 55,000 containers a year. Around 80% are loaded at the Kalikai, K+S’ own transhandling site in the port of Hamburg. The remaining 20% are dispatched directly from K+S sites and usually reach their port departure terminals by using multiple forms of transport. The smooth handling of containers’ initial journeys is ensured with the help of multiple long-term partnerships. A large proportion of these shipments are conveyed to port either with the container-carrying Baltic Train (a K+S logistics product) or with the Börde Container Feeder inland shipping line.