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Welcome to K+S KALI GmbH (Transport Unit)

Our core business: a full range of dependable, made-to-measure logistics solutions – all from one source!

We are the K+S Group’s logistics specialist, providing transportation, storage and handling services that are flexible, reliable and efficient.

Using our strategic logistics network we ensure free movement through the supply chain, transporting our internal clients’ products all over the world: on time and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

The K+S Value Chain

K+S is the largest salt producer in the world and is one of the biggest international suppliers of potash. With more than 14,000 employees, K+S had a turnover of around €4.2bn in the 2015 accounting year and an EBIT of €782 m. In the same year, the K+S Group transported 55.1m metric tonnes of materials.