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Bulk Chartering

Our Bulk Chartering section has been loading sea-going ships with K+S Group products, along with those from external clients, since 1927.

Operating from ten European port stations, our four charter brokers arrange sea transport all over the world. The number of charter parties comes to around 500 departures a year, transporting 2.5-3 million metric tonnes. Whether Atlantic or Pacific, the Mediterranean or the North Sea or the Baltic, - with its international experience KST Bulk Chartering is right at home all over the world.

Long-term contractual partnerships with well-known and dependable ship owners ensure a continual quantity of loads, meaning that the K+S Group gets appropriate load space in the right place at the right time.

Our philosophy and therefore also our business is characterized by Hanseatic qualities, such as reliability, trustworthiness and fairness, and these attributes illustrates our business philosophy today, as we continue in the region’s long tradition of sea-going trade. In addition, our network of industry contacts – ship owners, ship brokers, neighboring transloading companies and agents – assists us in ensuring that we provide first-class service based on a thorough knowledge of the industry.