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Kalikai – a global gateway since 1927

Comprehensive port and transportation logistics

The heart of our business is the Kalikai in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg which is a storage and transloading site since October 1927. On a site of more than 95,000m2 we have warehouses and silos for dry loose goods with an overall capacity of 405,000 metric tonnes.

On the 500m-long wharf we deal with around 500 sea-going and inland waterway ships a year. With three bulk loaders we achieve exceptional turnaround speeds. For unloading, two clamshell loaders are available. 3.5-4.5m tonnes are transloaded each year, more than 1m tonnes of which is packed in containers. They are moved by truck to various other terminals and from there mostly shipped out to the far-east.

An important requirement for consistent high quality is the type-specific storage of products. To achieve this, we have twelve warehouses and six silos which give a wide range of separation options. The capacity of the various storage units ranges from 8,000 tonnes to 45,000 tonnes.

The land-side reception of goods is 90% by rail. Using a well laid-out system of sidings, export materials are transported directly to Kalikai for unloading. There they are stored via two underground bunkers with a nominal capacity of 26,000 tonnes a day. Our highly-trained and well-motivated team of employees, along with efficient technical structures and conveying systems we ensure the highest level of transloading productivity. As a result the Kalikai is the leading facility in the port of Hamburg for exporting bulk goods.

The quality of goods is constantly inspected on-site by independent experts. Even the particularly strict certification for the Australian quarantine authorities (AQIS) is no problem for us. Kalikai is also ISPS-certified. Special customer requirements regarding the specific nature of a product, e.g. its granulometry, are given top priority and implemented using all available techniques.

Facts and figures

Total area

95,000 m2

Length of wharf

500 m

Water depth

11,30 m (at mean low-tide)

Water depth

405,000t in 12 warehouses und 6 silos


land-side 2,800 m
water-side 1,500 m

Conveyor system

approx. 12,000 m

Rail unloading capacity

up to 1,200 tonnes/hour or 26,000 tonnes/day

Ship bulk loaders

3 (capacity 2,000-3,000 tonnes/hour)

Clamshell loaders

2 (capacity 12/20 tonnes)

Sacking equipment

3 lines for 25/50kg sacks in containers
1,000kg Big-Bags

Container loading (bulk)

approx. 100 containers (20') per shift/per loading station
multiple loading stations can operate simultaneously

Tech. transloading capacity

max. 45,000 tonnes/day